FAQ Page

The course of fire consists of six events, three of which involve colorful reactive steel targets that are engaged with .22 rimfire rifles, .22 rimfire pistols and centerfire pistols. These events are the Rifle, Pistol and Combo. Three shotgun events utilize aerial clay targets to round out the field of fire with the Flurry, Flush and Mixed Bag. The Flurry and Flush require teams to engage fifty targets in approximately one minute, while the Mixed Bag is similar to a five-stand course with the shooter not knowing from which of the trap machines a pair of clay targets will be released upon their call. Click here to review the entire Course of Fire.

The match is located at Heartland Public Shooting Park located at 6788 W Husker Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68810.

The 2017 Sportsman’s Team Challenge will be held July 20-22. See Match & Travel information.