“When I think of the Sportsman’s Team Challenge, it reminds me how my daughter Lena, eight years old at the time, cut her teeth as a Junior shooter. Competing amongst other young girls at the time, this family team oriented match was the catalyst to Lena pursuing a career as a full-time professional shooter.”
Jerry Miculek – Professional Speed & Competition Shooter
“One of my favorite aspects of competing in the Sportsman’s Team Challenge every year is the time spent with my team mates. Be they friends from across the country, your buddies from the local gun club or what we see so often at the STC, your entire family. The time together practicing, traveling and competing at the Sportsman’s Team Challenge create memories that will last a lifetime.”
Bruce Piatt – World Champion Shooter
I remember the first time I attended the Sportsman’s Team Challenge as if it was yesterday, nervous yet excited at the same time. It was so much fun! Made so many new friends that I look forward to seeing year after year. 2015 was my 8th year attending the STC. I love to shoot the match as it holds a special place in my heart. I smile whenever I think about it!
Annette Aysen – First Lady of Revolver Shooting

All competitors can enter as part of a 2 or 3 person team or both, but can enter ONLY once in 2 and 3 person teams. We suggest you have an alternate shooter in mind in case one of your team members cannot participate at the last moment.

Competitors may enter the SPORTSMAN’S TEAM CHALLENGE in any one of the following classes:

  • Industry Open or Industry Class
  • Sportsman Open, Sportsman AA, Sportsman A, Sportsman B, Sportsman C, Sportsman Lady, Sportsman Junior or Sportsman Sub Junior (A or B)
  • Competitors may not enter in more than one

The Sportsman’s C Class will be open to any team (the team must be intact with all the same members) that has previously shot the Nationals and fired a score of 374 or lower. It will also be open to new teams that feel they are in this level of competition. This class will be a TROPHY only award recognition class, there will be no money awarded and no shoot-offs for this class, however, it will also be allowed a lower entry fee ($375).

All scoring is based on team scores only. In each course of fire (handgun, rifle, combo, flush, flurry, mixed bag), a team’s score is based on the total number of points accumulated by the team in all events. No attempt is made to determine the individual scores of team members.

There are no alibis for gun or shooter malfunction. Be sure of your equipment and the rules. Should any team or member thereof be found to have broken a rule as provided herein, the penalty will be disqualification for the single event with a score of zero (0). Infractions involving safety violations and or the substance and alcohol prohibition provisions will subject the offending team to full disqualification and escort off the premises. No Refunds are available.

ALL rounds fired from a rifle or pistol to clear the firearm MUST be fired ONLY into the downrange backstop in a safe manner. No “dumping” rounds into the ground. Accidental discharges and or rounds impacting the ground short of the targets will result in the team’s DISQUALIFICATION from the event.

Each course of fire (handgun, rifle, combo, 3 shotgun events) is weighted equally in terms of overall team scores. The best possible score in each course of fire is 100 points. The best possible cumulative score is 600 points.

All firearms must have a STC-approved visible Open Chamber Indicator (OCI) installed properly at all times as provided in your competitor packet. Except for the sight in or the STC designated cleaning areas the only time you may remove the OCI is at the firing line during your teams prep time. Firearms must be in a case at all times, except at the firing line.

Teams may have only one coach per event. The coach may help the team verbally, but may not touch or aid any shooter in any other way. Sub-Junior teams will have this rule waived and allowed as many as one coach per shooter who may touch the shooter and or equipment as necessary to ensure a safe shooting environment.

All teams will shoot in the preliminary round. The resulting top 3 teams in all Classes (excluding Sportsman C) will compete in the Championship Round. No previous scores are carried over to the Championship Round. The entire course of fire (6 events) is shot by all teams qualifying for the Championship Round. The top cumulative score (combined total of 6 event scores) in the Championship Round will determine the winner in the Sportsman Open, Sportsman AA, Sportsman A, Sportsman B, Industry Open, Industry, Ladies and Juniors. All other placements are determined by scores shot in the preliminary rounds.

SPORTSMAN’S TEAM CHALLENGE ASSOCIATION reserves the right to change the course of fire at any time.

*All scheduled classes will shoot their Championship Round on Saturday.