“Bass Pro Shop Presents the Sportsman’s Team Challenge National” returned this week to Grand Island’s Heartland Public Shooting Park for the second year.

The four-day event attracted about 100 competitors — whose abilities ranged from Olympic medal winners with an awesome shooting range all the way down to newcomers who have barely handled a gun, much less fired a gun in a competitive shooting event.

Lones Wigger is a former Olympian shooter who has won two gold medals and one silver. He was one of several competition shooters representing Eley Ammunition. This is the first time he has ever competed at the Heartland Public Shooting Park. “It’s a great facility,” he said.

Wigger made the 1980 Olympics team, which boycotted the Olympic Games in Moscow, as did all American athletes that year. The U.S. boycott was sparked by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Whenever Wigger competed at the Olympics, he was on an international stage. Being in Grand Island is far different. I love all types of games, Review here for more info.

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